We are neither an Adoption Facilitator nor an adoption consultant. Adopt An Infant is a subscription online adoption advertising service, we place nationwide ads and market you on the website www.placemybaby.com
Most individuals could not afford to spend the amount of money it takes each month to get prominent exposure in the online adoption category. It would take a very large monthly budget to reach the number of pregnant women you will reach through our program for $275 a month. Individuals trying to advertise on their own can waste money with ineffective ads and bad placement. It is not uncommon for couples to spend thousands of dollars on their own without getting results.
Adopt An Infant provides services above and beyond advertising. The $575 is applied to added administrative services, such as mailing your profile to potential birth mothers, preparing you for initial calls with them, and providing you guidelines for creating an online letter.
There are many wonderful adoption attorneys and agencies, but few of them provide adopting couples with an aggressive program to locate potential birth mothers. Their lack of proactive outreach creates lengthy waits for hopeful adoptive parents. Adopt An Infant compliments services provided by your agency or attorney by running one of the most aggressive nationwide adoption outreach programs in the country.
No. You pay a monthly fee of $275 and you will be featured on www.placemybaby.com. Every family will be featured on the homepage and rotated throughout the day. No need to work harder than the others to be get exposure - we manage that and make sure your profile is seen.
Answering calls from expectant moms puts undue stress on prospective adoptive parents. A missed call could mean a missed opportunity. As a prospective adoptive parent you have a lot of emotion and no training, which means you could be strung along or taken advantage of. Our staff is trained to identify high risk situations and provide education to women who may not be quite ready to match with a family. We provide the caller the information she needs to make a healthy choice and we prescreen every situation prior to presenting to you.
Our staff will contact you and provide you preliminary information about the expectant mom. You will review the information and decide if you would like to talk to her. We will schedule the initial call and prepare you for your initial contact with her.
If the match call goes well, you will contact the adoption agency/attorney of your choice to guide you through to finalization. If you are not sure who to work with, Adopt An Infant can provide you referrals. Adopt An Infant does not provide case management but we have a valued list of professionals who do.
Once you and the prospective mom have decided to move forward with each other, you will place your billing on hold until you have successfully adopted.
You log in and permanently cancel your monthly billing.
You simply reactivate your account and monthly billing will resume. There is no reactivation fee.
We are an advertising service paid to locate and prescreen potential birth mothers. Once you are presented a potential match your adoption will be handled by the professional of your choice. If you are in need of a program that guides you through the entire adoption process you may want to consider our full service adoption facilitation service A Loving Alternative.