About Adopt An Infant

Who We Are

Adopt An Infant is a unique subscription advertising service founded by Jim and Cindy Simonson. This exceptional service was developed to provide a simplified affordable option for couples wanting to increase their exposure to women considering adoption.

As owners of A Loving Alternative, one of the most successful and respected full service adoption facilitation services in the country, Jim and Cindy have a keen sense for adoption marketing and advertising. They have been getting results and building families through adoption for 22 years. Known for their honesty, integrity and passion for taking the frustration out of the process, Jim and Cindy approach adoption with personal experience and unquestioned professional success.

What We Do

We place and manage advertising that reaches pregnant women considering adoption. The ads bring women in search of adoptive families to the Place My Baby website to view profiles of families hoping to adopt. The Place My Baby website is exclusively marketed to women considering adoption. Allowing Adopt An Infant to advertise on your behalf and bring pregnant women to your profile is a simple way to reduce the time, effort and stress that can be part of adoption.

We work diligently to maintain top positioning on the most searched adoption keywords on mobile phones, tablets and on computers. Place My Baby is one of the first sites seen on the most searched adoption terms. We pay for advertising on Google, other search engines, on Facebook and Instagram. We do not depend on free posts, we pay to be seen.

This means analyzing, researching and understanding how to maintain prominent placement for each keyword. We work to ensure we are getting the best exposure for our clients.

Don’t be fooled by services that consider “advertising” to mean posting on free social media sites or blogging on your behalf. It is a proven fact that most birth parents find adopting families through paid advertising.

Our 22 years of successful experience have taught us that you get what you pay for and paying for adoption advertising is the most efficient and reliable way to reach potential birth mothers.

How We Are Different

Your adoption profiles will be prominently placed on the Place My Baby website, which is a separate website marketed exclusively to women considering adoption. Unlike services that use one site to attract both adoptive families and birth parents, we focus our advertising efforts solely toward attracting women who may be considering adoption. This means there will not be advertising dollars wasted on attracting new families.

We take the stress off you and handle all interaction with birth moms until they’ve been pre-screened and you are prepared to speak with them. This includes 24/7 phone answering, as well as responding to emails and texts. Most online advertising services do not provide this important service.

Other services require pregnant women to contact you directly. We believe it’s better for both of you to have an experienced adoption professional speak with the birth mom first. Pregnant women considering adoption are usually nervous when they begin investigating options, and they may not be ready right away to contact you directly. Our trained staff knows what to ask and how to help a potential birth mom during that difficult first contact. Although we speak to her first, you will always be kept in the loop.

Adopt An Infant will contact you immediately when a birth mother shows interest in you. From our experienced screeners, you’ll learn all of the important facts about her situation and be advised about any potential risks. We make sure you only speak with pre-qualified women who are ready to discuss adoption. No scams, no dead-ends, no roller coaster of emotions for you.

Before you make your initial contact with a potential birth mother we will coach, guide and prepare you. We do everything we can to make it as comfortable as possible for all of you.

Unlike other services that require you to frequently update your profile or work hard to be a featured family, Adopt An Infant showcases every family on the home page every day. Our goal is to make this easier for you, and we don’t see any value in asking you to compete for attention. With Adopt An Infant, we treat all of our families equally and there is no need for you to jump through hoops to get the service you are paying for.

We are committed to simplifying the process and to offering a service that is a valuable resource to anyone looking to gain added adoption exposure.

This is our passion and our reputation counts on our continued integrity, while successfully helping hopeful adoptive families connect with potential birth mothers. We are proud of our history and dedicated to providing value, service and results.