Considering Adoption?

Place My Baby helps pregnant mothers looking for adoptive parents with care and compassion

If you are an expectant mother considering putting your baby up for adoption, we are here to listen and support you. We have been helping birth mothers seeking adoptive parents for 22 years. We provide comprehensive adoption services. From helping you to pick the best adoption-ready family to helping you understand the legal aspects, our understanding adoption advisors are here to provide you accurate and confidential support around the clock, completely free of charge.

Adoption Choices

When looking for adoptive parents for your baby, you as a birth mother will have the right to decide how much contact you want after placement. Take time to think about whether or not you would like to share your identifying information with adoptive parents and choose wisely among open, semi-open, or closed adoption. These are choices we can explain to you in detail.

Find Adoptive Parents from Our Pre-screened, Hopeful Families

At Adopt An Infant, we have adoptive families from all over the United States. Explore the parent profiles and discover a family that matches your needs and expectations for your baby. All families are pre-approved and qualify to offer your baby a loving, caring, and stable home environment.

Our adoption advisors are committed to making your adoption experience as comfortable and positive as possible. Reach us anytime, any day- call us at (800) 905-6990 or text us (949) 463-3510.

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