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We are Jim and Cindy Simonson we have been involved with adoption for the past 27 years. Over the years we have successfully helped more than 700 families and expectant moms connect and complete successful adoptions.

From the beginning we have tried to respond to the changes and needs of the adoption world. Our goal has always been to take some of the risk out of adoption, keep adoptions safe and affordable, help women considering adoption to make a healthy choice. If Adoption is her choice, we provide all the resources to guide her through the process.

Adoption has changed and so have the needs of both adopting and expecting parents. We created Adopt an Infant and Place My Baby, two websites where families can be featured and seen by women considering adoption for a low monthly fee. This gives families way to expand their adoption outreach. We dedicate our years of adoption knowledge and experience to reaching women considering adoption. Families featured on our site benefit from our years of knowledge as we guide you through any potential match.

Having built an incredible network of adoption professionals in every state, we share our network with you to help simplify the adoption process.

We find great joy in helping people succeed in adopting. If you just need to talk or have a question about the adoption path you are on, we are here and happy to help.

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