24 Hour Phone Answering And Prescreening

Our trained professionals will answer and pre-screen all birth mother inquiries. No other subscription advertising service offers this valuable service. We free you from the emotions and reduce your risks.

Adopt An Infant’s Advertising Will Broaden Your Outreach – Which Can Shorten The Time It Takes To Adopt

The Place My Baby website is marketed exclusively to pregnant women considering adoption.

If you are working with an agency or an attorney who does not offer nationwide outreach, this added exposure can be invaluable.

We Reach Pregnant Women Where They Search For Adoption Information

The Place My Baby website has prominent paid placement on search engines, Facebook and Instagram. One of the keys to our success is our knowledge of mobile phone advertising. Many pregnant women researching adoption don’t have a computer and use their phones to find information. Placing ads and marketing to them while they’re searching on their phones takes knowledge and experience.

We understand the search patterns of pregnant women considering adoption and how to advertise to them. This is how we get maximum exposure for your profile.


Adopt An Infant is an affordable option for anyone wanting to increase their exposure to women considering adoption. Our low monthly fee with no long term commitment is attractive to those who want to be in control of their adoption budget.

Easy Steps To Approval

Anyone who has an approved adoption home study is welcome to join the Adopt An Infant program. Adopt An Infant is an advertising service, which means state laws that prohibit use of intermediaries or facilitators do not apply. If your state allows you to advertise, you are eligible to register.

Simple Profile Creation Process That Gets Results

Our online profile creation process is made simple with tips and ideas we provide for creating authentic text that reflects who you are. We provide guidelines to create a letter that will improve your success.

Fewer Missed Opportunities

Many do it yourself subscription advertising services limit the ways a pregnant woman can make contact. We are available to accommodate whatever her needs are. If she is ready to talk to you we arrange it. If she needs more information we provide it. If she is on a mobile phone and cannot view the profiles we priority mail her a package with profiles and information.

Since many pregnant women only have their mobile phones to find adoptive families, they often have trouble viewing profiles. The phone screen might be too small, or they don’t have enough data, or they don’t have a way to print them, or all of the above. Many adoption advertising services don’t take these challenges into consideration, but Adopt An Infant solves this problem by offering free priority mailing of hard copy profiles. This is a critical service to offer, so that a woman who is interested in you doesn’t leave the website out of frustration when she can’t adequately view your profile.

We understand that meeting these unique needs and making it easier for women to get to know you, reduces the chance of a missed opportunity.

Prescreening Prospective Birth Moms Reduces Your Risk

We listen to the potential birth mother, provide her information and learn about her situation. This allows us to identify any potential red flags prior to your involvement.

Coaching And Preparing You Before Your Initial Birth Mother Phone Call

Adopt An Infant will contact you regarding any potential birth mother who shows interest in your profile. From our experienced staff, you’ll learn all the important facts about her situation and any potential risks before you speak with her. We will prepare you for that most important initial contact.